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Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Over the last few years we have got to know Professor Chris Megone and the Leeds University Faculty for Applied Ethics of which he is Director.  For the last two years Jamie Dow, Director of Research, has been conducting studies looking at ethical leadership.  We have worked with Jamie and Chris to bring together groups of leaders who have relevant experience and a thoughtful outlook, from a wide range of backgrounds, to discuss the subject, exploring why it matters, what it means and how to do a better job of it.

The 2016 version of this started with an introduction from Professor Dominic Scott describing Socrates and then Plato’s learning about different styles of leadership (and as it happened different versions of democracy, absolute and representative, which coincided with the day preceding and then the day of the Brexit referendum).  This gave all involved something to explore, comparing experiences with the models from 2,500 years ago

What follows is a summary of the conversation that resulted.

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