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Sustainable, value-enhancing long term growth is very difficult for most organisations to achieve.

We enable our clients to see their organisation more joined-up, their competition more vividly and their market more susceptible to alternative choices.

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Wednesday 1st April 2015

Customer led growth – an un-natural impossibility or the route to success that lasts?

To help us get a better understanding of what it takes to be customer-led we heard from three individuals who have worked in organisations where the customer has been vital to success.

The individuals were Tim Mason, ex CMO …

Wednesday 7th January 2015

Foundation Forum: Socially useful business – Necessity or nonsense?

Life was so straightforward when all that mattered was shareholder value.  By narrowing the purpose of business so neatly, the richness and complexity of a sizeable chunk of civilisation could be simplified into a convenient league table.  This was a …

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Foundation Forum – Where’s my mojo gone? What happens when you’ve forgotten why people liked you?

Success that lasts forever. How ridiculous. And yet how common in our unspoken assumptions about the organisations we work in.

When it all comes together and a team or a whole business is riding on a wave of confidence, it all seems …

Monday 28th July 2014

Foundation Forum – Tackling the innovator’s dilemma – when to defend your core, when to disrupt your sector (or be disrupted…)

Held at Wayra, the Telefonica-owned start-up accelerator, the topic of this Forum was ‘Tackling the innovator’s dilemma – when to defend your core, when to disrupt your sector (or be disrupted…).’ The speakers were Natalie Ceeney whose current responsibility is improving

Monday 16th June 2014

Book review – The Frugal Innovator: Creating change on a shoestring budget by Charles Leadbeater

This book is about an important idea, but is it an important book?

The Frugal Innovator tackles the issue of how 10 billion people will need to work out how to live on our planet. It does it in a …

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